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*woot* I still remember by log in :P I'm at work and had a few minutes to kill before I should be productive so here I am. Some new stuff going on, overall things are going ok. Oreo was so freaking cute this morning, I was in the kitchen and had my back turned to the table all of a sudden I hear the trollop of Oreo running through the kitchen jumping off the table and when I turned around I saw here dangling for our plant hanging from the ceiling...it took 2 of us to get her down -_- very adorable though. Going to be moving to Woods X in about 2 months so that will be nice :)

Anyways, hope everyone is well and I'll see you around *hugs*

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It seems like forever since I've been on LJ, things have been interesting to say the least, works been good, family's been good, I just took SoCo to get spayed today, poor kittas, she's so out of it :( but at least the worst part is over and now she can do the whole recovery thing. Things have been so confusing as of late, in time things will eventually work out, in the meanwhile I'm just trying not to stress too much, that never solves anything :(
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This weekend was quite enjoyable, I hung out with Drew Friday night at the gym and we tore our legs up, so much fun :) Saturday I went back with dad and then did some cleaning. Met Ferd and Saul at their place around 9:30 and hung out for a while, ended up getting to the club about 11:00 where once again it was like Marriott night lol so many familiar faces. There was a little drama to start the night off *sigh* but it got better and we had a blast, we got back to their house about 3 and I ended up sleeping there, it was cute this morning when the dogs came out of the bedroom they both cuddled up with me on the sofa, their so adorable, I ended up coming home about noon and have been taking it easy, recouperating from last nights shinanigans :)

Tomorrow our new training class begins so things are going to get hectic for a while again but at least it keeps things interesting, I have 2 friends in this class so i'm looking forward to getting to see them on a daily basis. The hiring manager for the new Lead position is wrapping up his 7th interview on Tuesday morning so I should know either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday that I didn't get it lol
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Yesterday I got my brace off, it's been 3 months, so much lost time *tear* on a more positive note though I started practicing my flair bartending again the other day, so far so good :) works been busy but good, we have a new class starting in just over a week so things are going to be picking up, I have a few friends who are starting then so it will be nice seeing so many familiar faces. Oh SoCo found her growl and hiss the other day, she discovered it when we were bring her home from the vet lol she has used it a few times since then heh so cute. That's about it, I'm still waiting to hear more on the job I posted for, the hiring manager gave us an update today, 15 applied and he'll probably do 6-8 interviews so thankfully at least the competition is down to maybe 7 others, oh well I'm not holding my breath, it would be a nice change but I'm all right with where I'm at, should know in 2 weeks what the verdict is.
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These past few days have been quite insane, on Monday night SoCo started having some problems breathing, we spoke to the vet and because of how she was acting they thought she was ok and didn't need to be brought in, they said to just see how she was the next day. Unfortunatly, Tuesday morning she didn't seem to be doing any better so I left work around 9:30 and ended up spending the next few hours taking her to the vet, $300.00 later they didn't really have much to tell me, they had 3 different possibilities of what the problem might be and treated them however they still weren't sure. Since she didn't improve on Wednesday, mom ended up taking her to two different vets and they ended up having to scope down her throat and up her nose which is when they found the problem, turns out she had caught a virus and because she is so little her immune system couldn't fight it off, this virus had eaten some of the bone in her nose which was causing bleeding and swelling hence her breathing problems. I ended up taking Thursday off work to be with her and then mom took today off, thankfully these past few days she has started to improve and the swelling has gone down, she still has her breathing fits every once in a while but not near as bad as it was a few days ago. To then top it off, last night we had 2 freaking huge racoons crawl into our chimney, so we've been contending with how to get them out, after talking to several groups that deal with this sort of thing and some stupid ideas from other people(light a fire) we ended up getting some repelant powder and put it down the chimney, raccoons apparently hate the smell so it's supposed to encourage them to get out, we also put a blanket down the chimeny to help them climb out since it's a smooth surface for quite a few feet going down, not really any handholds, we were hoping that tonight they would leave after it got dark so we could cap off the chimney but as of a few hours ago there was still one in there, we also have a guy coming out in the morning to give us an estimate on how much it would cost to get it/them out of there lol this has been a freaking expensive week when it comes to animals, hopefully the racoon will have vacated by the morning so we don't have to deal with that anymore.

Works been going all right, I had a little bit of a recent frustration but it's ok. I recently was turned down for a liaison position, apparently I did great in the interview but the hiring manager feels like I don't have enough "command" namely she's worried that if I have to put a Sales Exec in their place I won't be able to do it since I'm more "soft spoken" wtf, I've served in supervisor positions for 2 1/2 years and did a great job, I've constantly dealt with frustrated or aggressive people and did it well, the difference is, is that I handle the issue in such a way where the person isn't pissed at us by the time we're done, it's not very cool that this person has attached this label to me and it's what's holding me back, being that this is the position I really want though I've decided I'm going to prove to them that I have this "command" they speak of grrr, anyways one of the managers who is a good friend of mine and who was in on the interview as well has said that she is going to help me get this command lol we'll see how it goes. In the meantime I ended up on a fluke deciding to apply for a Team Lead position, this position was over our entry level associates which unfortunatly meant that if I had gotten it, at my next raise I would have been capped out pay wise lol good for me I didn't get it HAHA seriously I would have done a great job, I was concerned though because someone else who applied although they had less experience, they were the hiring managers good friend, as it turns out she gave him the job, this is one of the more blantent cases of favortism I've seen in the company which was frustrating but she "highly encouraged" me to apply for this other team lead position that posted, it's more responsibility but also comes with a raise, anyways I've decided to try for this, I figure if I keep applying for things one of these days it will work out, in the meanwhile I'm still fine with what i'm doing and we have a new training class starting in 2 weeks, i'm trying to talk my brother into coming back, I also have a friend whose moving back from Florida whose applying so if that works out it will be nice to have some more familiar faces there.

So kitties, coons and work is what's up, i'm so glad it's the weekend *tear*
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Sooo, wrist is still broken but I have another check up in 2 weeks *sigh* I miss juggling. This weekend was a lot of fun, I ran some errands with a friend then went out to dinner with Ferdi, we hadn't hung out in a while so that was good times. Saturday I went to the gym with my dad then got some stuff done around the house, later met Chris and Nikol at the club, Chris had never been there before so it was a nice change for him, we ran into like 7 people we work with and a few who we used to, it was like Marriott night :) anyways were going to do it again soon, very much looking forward to it. Sunday I hung out with Sheri and then later Drew and Candi came over to watch Hot Fuzz with us :) I consider the weekend siezed. That's about it :)
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Things have been going all right, a Liaison position opened for our Hilton Head Resorts so I applied for that on Thursday, I should know within the next 2 weeks if I got it lol hopefully this time works but if it doesn't it's all good, there will always be another time and in the meanwhile training has been going well. We had a new class start a week ago and it's been nice getting to know some new people, it's a huge class though, 56 were hired, since our main training room can only hold 38 people we are having to use the other buildings training room as well so our training team is divided between the 2 classrooms and we switch off so until people start leaving or graduating (preferably) we will have to keep juggling between the two rooms, it's all good though, we've done it before it just makes things more difficult. It was funny I was at a party last weekend that one of my co workers was having and there was a girl there who was from one of the classes I helped train about 4 months ago and she was like "It's wierd seeing you here, you're like a trainer, but it's like you're a real person" LOL riiiiight apparently I'm a real person now haha cute girl.

So my wrist brace comes off in about 10 days and I should be done with it YAY *tear* I can't wait till this whole thing is over, stupid inconvienence *shaka brace* I'm thinking about getting a part time job bartending after my arm is healed, nothing too hectic, just something where I can learn some of the ropes of bartending, probably locally in Bountiful maybe something at like Applebees, or possibly club down under, I'm still deciding, I don't know if any of them are hiring anyways so yeah and since I have no official bartending experience I'm not sure how easy it will be to get a job anyways I think it sounds like it might be kinda fun, will give me some more experience and earn a little extra cash :)

I have been trying to be more health concious these past months and had recently been contemplating joining a gym, I was thinking after my arm was healed I would look into it more but then I realized that's just another excuse to delay, there is plenty I can do there that doesn't require the use of my hand so after checking around a little I ended up joining Xcel about 2 weeks ago, I have a 2 year membership lol last thing I want to be is one of those gym drop outs so I'm trying to make sure I really stick with it, the plan is to go 4 days a week and so far it's going well, in fact since they were closing on Friday early because of the holiday and I found out on Thursday I went Saturday at 6 am since that was the only time I was free to go on Saturday so at least i'm sticking with it, and it's so cool, after only 2 weeks I found a new muscle in my leg that I didn't really know existed lol rock on oh and I ran into a few of my friends there the other day and we've started making arrangements to meet on certain days, I have my ipod and they have tv's so it's not all boring but it's much more enjoyable when you can visit with someone, all and all I've really been enjoying it and it's been nice to have access to the steam room and sauna, I love those but I just don't use them often so it's been a nice bonus, needless to say i'm happy with how things are going. I have tomorrow off work just as a "gift" to myself and since Nat can't go there until either before or after work, we're meeting there at 5:30 in the morning, it's a nice way to wake up.

Oh so this was frustrating, about a month ago i took my car to get washed and when i got it back about 15 minutes later the stereo would not work, I talked to the guys and the manager was like there is nothing we could have done to break it, we didn't spray any cleaning fluids there, after talking about it longer he ended up calling over the boy who drove it around and he admitted to having shut the stereo off manually, now I haven't shut it off manually for over a year or two, there is just no need, after he did that it would not turn back on, so the manager was like well, i'll talk to the owner and see...anyways i tried taking it into RCWilley but turns out they don't currently have a car audio dept anymore since they can't keep qualified people so after trying there twice I just hadn't gotten around to bringing it somewhere else, anyways the other day at work I accidentally left my lights on, after I got a jump I was pleasantly surprised when I got back in the car because the loss of power reset my stereo and it now works again *happy dance*

Something else nice happened the other day, one of the owners that I work with decided to give me a buddy pass because she is a flight attendant just as a thank you for all I've helped them with, now I just need to decide where to go :) I'm thinking maybe AZ to visit Troy but i'm not sure yet, I have until April before it expires, our family is also thinking of going to Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach in February for our next bigger vacation but i'm not sure if jet blue flyes there and I don't know that I would want to go standby anyways for that kind of trip, we'll see either way i'm looking forward to using it somewhere, decisions decisions.

The cats are doing well, I have to take SoCo to the vet for her next set of shots as soon as I get paid again, she's been such a nice addition to the house, she has this thing where she will cuddle with me and the next thing I know she tries to bite my lip lol it's cute but hurts really bad, I'm like kitty, your cute but not who I want to be biting my lip :P

Wow, I sure can talk a lot about nothing heh, oh well :) anyways that's the update and yeah *waves bye & kisses*
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I got me a kitten about 2 weeks ago :) her names SoCo and she's quite adorable, she has been giving Angel and Buffy a run for their money so to speak, she just has too much energy for them lol Angel has been seeking solice at high ground just so he can get some sleep hehe, gotta love the kittes.

I have a temporary cast now, at least this one is black and it can be taken off for showers so at least I can clean my arm, I have a follow up appointment on it on Wednesday and yeah so I'll find out then how it's healing although it still hurts so I will probably need the brace for a few more weeks at least.

Other than the kitty, nothing new really going on, same old stuff. I did see Transformers and Die Hard 4 recently, those were pretty good, although I did like Die Hard better, good ol' Bruce :) ....although this now makes my "trilogy" no longer a trilogy :S

Well that's about it, oh I decided not to go to San Fran, with my parents being out of work for so many weeks because of the surgery, going on a second vacation just didn't seem right, if I have extra cash there are better ways to spend it at home...So I've decided that there are really only 2 times in general where more income becomes available, obviously with an annual raise and the other being when your car insurance drops woot, next month I turn 25 lol, it's funny I can't wait for 25 just for my insurance to drop...after 25 I can't think of any age left to look forward to heh when my bro turned 25 my mom asked him how it felt, he told her "halfway to dead" lol needless to say being that she was close to 50 the comment struck a chord although she laughs about it, oye, halfway to dead here I come....although in all actuality, I think I died along time ago, on the inside that is :'(
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